Executive Team

Leading a team of experienced construction project managers, superintendents, expediters and specialty tradespeople, many of whom have been with the firm from its inception, are the first and second generations of the Nurminen family and their trusted associates.


AARNO NURMINEN, President and Founder

Aarno started the firm with A&P as their first client and still services many supermarkets today. An expert in supermarket construction and maintenance; project budgeting, estimating and the fine art of millworking. Active, operating Principal of the firm.


PASI NURMINEN, Executive Vice President

Direct responsibility for material procurement, warehouse operations and implementation of all management decisions. Trained and experienced in Accounting and Management. Graduate of Boston University School of Management. President of Nurminen Construction of New York.


MONICA NURMINEN-OAKE, Vice President Administration

Responsible for contract review and administration, safety and OSHA conformance programs, Human Resources, expediting and project record keeping.


RICHARD J. FOY, VP of Construction

Over 39 years of construction experience, progressing from a field carpenter into an office position, to current title of VP of Construction. Duties and skills include estimating, construction management, and scheduling. Involved with all phases of the construction project from bidding, subcontractor award, through to project close-out.


FRED MEO, VP of Construction

Over 34 years of construction experience, including Estimating, Value Engineering, Contract Award, Budget and Resource Management, Quality Control and Closeout. Responsible for the development and guidance of construction teams to deliver on-time and budget quality construction projects. Attended Becton Regional High School and Bergen Community College for the AMA program and National Building Inspectors Program.